Racism Still Alive

Racism Still Alive

 Photography by C.Ivy

IG: @ivy_shot

Racism is a deep rooted American problem and has been for generations. As we all know racism continues to be a cancer for African Americans and people of color everywhere and in 2020 racism is still thriving. From the lynchings to corrupt police officers it seems like racism won’t be taking a break anytime soon.
But even with racism relentlessly attacking African Americans and other people of color we still manage to bounce back from it. No matter what racism has thrown at African Americans and people of color they’ve still been able to remain a unified race of people to stand against oppression. 



Walking While Black


Short Story(FD)
EXT. Momence. Night
I arrived in Momence on a cool summer night. Sounds of children laughing and playing can be heard along with the crackling of wood in a bonfire. The smell of BBQ filled the night air. I walk inside the gas station to get snacks and something to drink. As I go to pay for my items, I call my friends and let them know I’ll be there soon. I walk outside when I feel a chill rundown my spine. Something just doesn’t feel right.
Keenan- Man! I can’t wait to meet up with everyone. This party is about to be so dope.
As I was getting ready to cross the street I notice a cop slowly creep into the gas station parking lot. He’s staring at me with a cold look in his eyes.
Keenan- Damn bro, he’s staring kinda hard for no reason? I don’t know, it’s probably nothing though.
I look back at the gas station again and notice the cop is gone. I think nothing of it and go to put my headphones in when I hear a loud gruff voice yell out “hey!”. I look to my left and see the cop.
Police Officer- Aye man what are you doing? Where are you going?
Keenan- oh, I’m just on my way to a friends house.
Police Officer- well let’s make sure you stay out of trouble. I wouldn’t want to have to come arrest your ass.
The Officer drives off in a hurry. It seems like he was acting weird. I paid it no mind, put my headphones in and kept walking. About ten minutes pass when I see the cop waiting for me again.
Police Officer- Seems like you’re not at your “friends” house yet. C’mon man what are you really doing.
Keenan- That’s what I’m still doing sir. It’s just a long walk.
Police Officer- Yeah a “long walk” if you say so.
The Officer shakes his head and drives off again. I don’t know why but I think he’s racially profiling me. I’d better hurry and get to my destination. After another ten minutes of walking I once again see the cop waiting.
Police Officer- Still not at your “friends house” huh? You know what I think you’re lying and just up to no good.
Keenan- Sir, I said earlier it was a long walk. If you want to take me there I’ll give you the directions.
Police Officer- Yeah there’s no need for me to do that. Just make sure you don’t do anything to get arrested.
I dropped my face in my hands and let out a deep sigh. When I looked back up he was gone.
Keenan- Bro, why is this cop just harassing me? I could understand if I looked suspicious but I don’t. It’s also clear he’s racially profiling me.
As I finally reach the end of the bridge sure enough there he is.
Police Officer- I think I’ll just cuff you now cause I honestly don’t believe you’re going to a friends house. It’s obvious at this point.
Keenan- Sir, I keep telling you it’s a long walk but you decide to keep harassing me and I feel like you’re just racially profiling me now.
Police Officer- Oh so now I’m profiling you? Well maybe if you weren’t!-
Keenan- If I wasn’t what sir? Black?
The Officer drives off one last time without saying anything. He didn’t stop me anymore after the last encounter but he was still following me until I reached my friends house. If that wasn’t racism then what was it?
Black Thoughts(AmeriKKKa)

How can I pledge allegiance to the flag when they're killing all our children and locking up our dads, trapped in a place where when they murder us it becomes a disgusting fad, and yet you want me to pledge allegiance the flag?

How can I pledge allegiance to the flag when they continue to crucify my people just for being black, precious life is taken and the only way they're remembered is through a hashtag, afraid to call 911 cause when police come we become the punching bag, How can I pledge allegiance to the flag.....

Written by Keenan R.

IG: @dot.the.poet



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